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Welcome to Beclawswecare4pets Petsitters...


If you're like us, your pets have become family members.

Our philosophy regarding pets is simple: We all breed cats and dogs to be our companions and to be dependent on us, so we have an absolute duty to care for them and ensure their safety, well being, and happiness! 

When you can't be home for your best friends, whether because of work, vacations or other obligations, you always want to be sure that your four-legged buddy is going to be taken care of with the same love, respect, and attention you give them, that's exactly what we do here at... BeClawsWeCare4Pets.

Here at BeClawsWeCare4Pets we offer multitude of services for a variety of pets. We can also handle various home services, at your home which can and will be a crime deterrent, while you are away.

We provide a Vacation for your best friend(s) while you are away on yours, so that you will no longer have to feel guilty about going on vacation’s, because your best friend will have the time of his/her life at their very own...

"Country Retreat" where your best friend (s) will get all the "Tender Loving Care"and "Specialized Attention" they will ever need while in our care. 

You no longer have to take your best friend to a frightful kennel ever again,

You will never again have to pay outrageous prices to make sure your pet is safe and well taken care of.

More money does not mean better services.

You could pay a kennel well over $30 or even as high as $75 or more with multiple pets, per day, but what does that really get your best friend? Remember...Your best friend is going to be in a very strange and often frightening environment where your best friend(s) will get much less attention than they are use to.

How much time and attention can the staff at a kennel actually dedicate to each dog or cat?

How many employees will remember...

  • their name?
  • how much to feed?
  • what to feed?
  • if they like to have their tummies rubbed?
  • what is their favorite treat?
  • Did they get the proper med's and the proper amount, and are you paying more for this kind of specialized attention? Nine times out of ten you can be very sure you will be paying more!
  • Will they take the time to know that your best friend, your baby, your pal likes their food to be heated up, or to make sure to make the medication more palatable by administering it with a piece of cheese or sour cream, or even ice cream."we will remember"...
How many will...
  • take pics of your babies throughout the day, so that you can actually go on line and see what they did throughout the day, we are not talking about watching your baby(s) watch television by themselves all day long? "We will"

    Who will be available to?...
  • coddle your best friend,
  • know where their soft spot is located,
  • watch movies with them or
  • Massage them
  • Play ball with them
  • Just relax with them on a bed,
  • take the time to really get to know your baby, your buddy, your pal, your best friend,
  • most important who will give them their meds in a friendly, loving and kind manner. 
  • Who will be there for them when they just want some "one on one" attention? "We will be available"

How many of your best friends will get to run jump and have fun with their peers, all day long in a home and family environment,


Where can your best friend go to?

  • run jump and have fun with their peers,
  • explore a large back yard,
  • Have fun swimming with their peers and their pet sitter in a large swimming pool. This is one of our favorite past times,
  • lye down under a palm tree or two,
  • Meet new friends, chase balls and play frisbee as long as they want,
  • Play ball as long as they want.
  • Enjoy some turkey from a Thanks Giving Dinner, or just an old fashion Bar B Q with permission of course.
  • or maybe they may just want to take a nap or two all day long? They can come to us!


Are you aware that some kennels...

  • don't even have a single employee on the premises at night!,
  • charge as much as $15 per 15 minutes more to play with your pet which emphasizes... if you're not paying $20.00 + per hour, your best friend is sitting alone in a cage some where, and probably scared and very uncomfortable!
  • change their employees every eight to ten hours because it is business based. here at BCWC4Pets we are home structured, we are here 24/7 365, and it has been proven that home based care is a better environment for your best friend.

 I have family members, owners, and former kennel employees, tell me, that while working in a kennel that...

  • they don't remember their names, 
  • they give your sweet baby girl or baby boy a number or...
  • they remember them by their cage number, or by breed or color of your dog, We remember their names. We become your babies second family and "a home away from home"
  • they place them in a small cage where sometimes they get so bored they start chewing on themselves, because there isn't enough space to even stretch when they need too. Here they go wherever they want to lie down and whenever they want.
  • some don't even sterilize the area where your baby is going to stay, so they go in after another dog that might not be as healthy as your baby. Here we are cleaning always and that goes for their waste, and or spit up etc...
  • Owners even told us that their babies either had gained weight or had gotten thinner than when they dropped them off, which is good as long as they had a proper diet, and exercise.
  • that their best buddies, their babies, their pals acted like they were starving for both water and food when they got them home, and that even the dogs that gained weight were acting starved, and some of you actually pay extra for your babies to be fed and watered don't you?

At Our home your babies, your best friends, your pal's can run, jump, play all day, or just relax and take a nap, while watching a movie with us or stretch out on any floor or bed or couch they want to, if that is what they want to do, and in the mean time get all the "tender loving kindness" that they will ever need...

Please do not board/kennel your babies, your best friend, your buddies, your four-legged kids anymore when you go on vacation, remember you get what you pay for... A bored (board)and  unhappy dog/cat who only gets let out of their kennel/cage twice maybe three times a day, not to mention gaining all that extra weight! Can you imagine if you were gone for two or three weeks or more than a month, what this can do to your best friends self esteem and not to mention what kind of health problems that can arise?

No wonder owners tell me that when they left their best friend in a kennel they seemed depressed when they picked them up to go home. Can you imagine?

Did you know, it has been proven that when dogs and cats have "one on one" attention they are much healthier and happier when you pick them up to go back home?, than if they stay in a kennel and hardly ever get a hello or a good boy or girl! and they do not get to be with someone who has their best interest and their happiness and well being in mind.

We Know:

  • your best friends need structure,
  • your best friends are workers, 
  • your best friends need to do something to make them feel worth while everyday, every minute and every hour,
  • your best friends need a daily routine or they will get bored, develop bad habits such as chewing, digging, barking, or worse chewing on themselves...
  • your best friends need to be able to have the freedom to interact with other dogs and human beings in order to stay happy and healthy.
  • your best friends need someone who knows a little about their breed temperaments, in order to handle them in the proper way.
  • But most of all dogs need guidance and leadership, and to feel wanted and needed.
  • they need most of all an "Alpha" to teach them.

Here at BCWC4Pets we offer your buddy all the above as well as all the love and attention they will ever need, not to mention...

  • a free run of the property inside and out, 
  • a fun and stress free enviroment
  • a sparkling pool, and 
  • lots of palm trees as well as 
  • a comfortableenjoyable, relaxing and loving atmosphere.


If there is a vacation that you, and your loved ones have been thinking about taking but just can't seem to start planning


because you have that special..


man's or women's "best friend" that you do not want to leave behind, then there is another alternative with us...

If you would like to spend your money on your vacation and not pet sitting then please feel free to fill out a "Pet Vacation" Service Request Form." and click here

We check our email 8am and 8pm and sometimes in between depending on how busy we are for that day. ..

If for some reason you have not heard back from us within 24 hours please feel free to call us direct at...

719-685-6221...This is a business cell phone so please do not let the 719 prefix confuse you as some have, it is a Colorado number I have had for five plus years.

Let BeClaws We Care 4 Pets be your best friends "Vacation Destination"

 That's what we are!

 Thank you again,

  From our hearts to yours...

              Jennifer (Founder/Pet lover)              



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